• Preferences/Settings not working?

    Did you run the program as an administrator so the program has the rights to save files on your computer?

  • Why no side rows?

    They were simply not put in since it would have delayed the release by a long time.

    That's because the Launchpad Pro now features 2 more side rows than the Launchpad S.

    I already wrote this down on my update list 😉

  • Delta Ticks per Quarter Note?

    This is another measurement unit just like BPM. I suggest leaving it at 96, which is the default value from Ableton.

    Changing the value will change the speed of your lightshow.

  • Update plans?

    The program will be provided with irregular free updates. I will try to fix bugs as soon as possible.

    Be sure to send me the bugs you encounter as well as feedback of what you think is missing or could be improved over at

    --> Update list will be posted in the near future!

  • What for admin rights?

    Without admin rights the program can't save files, save settings and you won't be able to click on a file to launch the program.

    It is essential to give the program admin rights but I can assure you that the program doesn't abuse that priviledge.


    Here are some details about the usage of administrative rights:

    • Write files (*.lsc, *.lscp and *.midi) on your hard drive
    • Write the settings file on your hard drive
    • Read and Write registry entries for easier file access (launch program by clicking on the file)
    • Check for updates
  • Numbers and Facts

    I started the project somewhere around March and I am now with the 1st official release at more than 11.000 Lines of Code 😉

  • Can I share files?

    >You are allowed to:
    - use all the files created by this software for your personal/private use.
    - upload and share the files created by this software with anyone.
    >You are NOT permitted to:
    - use the files created by this software for commercial use.
    - sell the files created by this software.
    >You are obligated to:
    - credit me/this software when showing the software publicly in video or picture form. Examples are: (Youtube, Facebook, Website etc.)
    >It is NOT necessary to:
    - credit me/this software when using this software and sharing files which were created by this software

    >How to credit me/this software correctly:
    - Copy exactly this paragraph (text between the brackets [] )
    - Insert the Hyper-link for the link!
    - Write me an e-mail if you are not sure how to do this correctly.

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