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Donation for LightShowCreator

Terms and Conditions
This agreement ONLY takes affect if you want to claim a reward!

Important Note: This is the worst of all cases. Of course I will try to fulfill every single reward as soon as possible. This paragraph is just here to get me covered in case someone wants to sue me!

I = The creator of LaunchpadFun
reward=The reward you selected depending on the amount of your donation
program=The software “LightShowCreator”


I am not obligated to fulfill any of the rewards. You can not claim anything. I am not selling something. You are donating by your free will. I am only offering some little extras. You get the full program 100% free at the same date as everyone else.
I determine:
1- When I will fulfill the reward.
2- To what extend I will fulfill the reward.
3- If I will fulfill the reward at all.

Personal Info

Donation Total: $1



– Get your name as a “Contributor” on my website


– Get your name as a “Contributor” in my software

– Includes reward tier #1


– You will be enrolled into a special newsletter on which I will send out upcoming features I am working on and “Behind-the-Scenes” stuff

– Includes reward tiers #1 & #2


– Congrats! From this tier onwards you get to be a part of the software!

1. You can vote for upcoming features

2. I can upload your lightshow-template(s) for others to use –> Promotion? 😉

3. You will be in much better contact with me since I will be prioritizing your requests

– Includes reward tiers #1, #2 & #3


– You will have the chance to talk to me over Skype (1x or more) where I answer some of your questions and we can have a chat about upcoming features

– Includes reward tiers #1, #2, #3 and #4


– I can’t even thank you enough! Thanks for the amazing support!

– We will arrange a meeting (or more) over Skype/Teamviewer and we will not only chat but also do some coding together / make a lightshow together

– Includes every other reward tier (#1, #2, #3, #4 & #5)



  • Name can be your real name or a nickname.
  • You can let me know whether you want to show the amount you donated or not
  • The name must be appropriate and not disobey any typical regulations/laws.
  • Your name might not be visible at first look depending on the sorting and the number of supporters. Scrolling might be necessary.

Sorting/Oder of Donations will be as followed:

  • Diamond Partner
  • Diamond Investor
  • Diamond Contributor
  • Platinum Contributor
  • Golden Contributor
  • Silver Contributor

Under each category the users will be sorted first by their amount of donation and then by newest date of donation!

Special info for the following tiers:

  •  #1
    • You will be under the category “Silver Contributor”
  •  #2
    • You will be under the category “Golden Contributor” instead of “Silver Contributor”
  •  #3
    • There are not set dates or periods on when you will receive the newsletter. They will be sent out on an irregular basis once I have something cool to show you.
    • You will be under the category “Platinum Contributor” instead of “Golden Contributor”
  • #4
    • You will be under the category “Diamond Contributor” instead of “Platinum Contributor”
  • #5
    • You will be under the category “Diamond Investor” instead of “Diamond Contributor”
  • #6
    • You will be under the category “Diamond Partner” instead of “Diamond Investor”






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