Please read the full documentation so you know about all the functionality provided with the software:


Make sure you have installed Microsoft’s .NET Framework 4.5 (which is usually installed with Windows on its own)

Here you can download the software:


Virus-scans: (0 found of all online analyzers):



If you are a Launchpad MK2/Pro – User
then download this color-settings file as well:
(More info on how to use/apply it in the documentation)



Make sure you run the software as an administrator!

If you have found a bug in my software please let me know by writing an e-mail to:


How to report a bug:
  • Please describe your problem as precise as possible
  • Send me a screenshot of the error message you got (in case it crashes for example)
  • Tell me the exact steps you did before the error occured
  • If you want, you can attach your project-file on which you were currently working on as well

In general:
> Make sure you safe the project often!> Remember that this is the first version that has come out
> Remember that this software is nearly as big as a simple game for your smartphone with ~11.000 lines of code!

Third-Party-Software I used to create the software:
  1. Microsoft Visual Studio 2013 Express (Integrated Development Environment)
  2. NAudio (.NET Audio and MIDI Library)
  3. ConfusorEx
  4. Inno Setup
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